Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Teaser

So this is what our lawn looks like!

The trees shelter the house from the wind, and filter in the morning light.

Oh, my that's a whole lotta lawn, better service up the mower!

So much snow still, but this is the first time we have been able to walk on the field side of the house.  Lots of work to be done.  The bush needs to be cleaned up, but so much snow banked up there yet.  No rush we will be here a long time; I hope......

I love this picture, my husband, our daughter, her daughter.....

Two mini hoolagins, eating animal crackers in Busters kennel, he has been evicted and not happy about it!

Bella, coffee, facebook, not much to say.

Happy Kiddies!

Kelli with her first cell phone!  We keep calling her voice mail just to hear the cutest little message.

Cailin, war wound on her tiny chin, feeding me marshmellows, umm, yum?

Odin relaxing and taking in some tunes

Hair cuts are hard work, so cute, sad little face....with tears

Helping Papa whip up a BBQ Feast!

Cailin taking Papa for a walk.

We had the little girls for almost 11 days, what a treat.  But there was a bad case of flu, Gracie had such a bad fever, and Kelli had the worst cough.....Soon the weather will cooperate and we will bask in the sunshine and wish for a cool breeze.......shhhhht....I can dream!

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