Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My "pride" hurts!

Well it's been a long week. My parents have come and gone, quick visit but very enjoyable. Dad had a stent placed in his heart, and a selection of new meds to try. They did very well in Edmonton university hospital, the stAff helpful and informative.

Our grand daughter Cailin was entertaining GG and Papa Ray with the antics of a 19 month old. She sings, dances, laughs, runs, snacks, yells, teases, tries to pick the dogs up by the tail and a handful of back fur......calls for Papa, puppy, Nana, cup, coat.....pease..pease...pease..she needs no other words!

I have found a Childs writing on the old brick chimney, no longer in use, it runs from the basement to the second floor. The initials DB with a date of October 1961. Interesting. Soon I will run into someone who remembers the name of the "lady who moved the house". I know where her parents lived, and her first name is Lisa. No one seems to get in a hurry, and I must learn patience.

I was exploring the town, on a very chilly snowy day. I've found a dog groomer for baby Bella, The six pound hunting dog, that yet has to prove her talents. So far, moths are the only prey she stalks. She saw a moose for the very first time, through the patio door. Strange, when the squirrel is on the deck, she barks hides, scratches my legs to be picked up, but the moose was not in the least scary. Mind you, it was half way across the field, kicking and sort of bucking, and running with it's head down and neck stretched out. I have no idea if it is male or female. It's a lighter build than the bull and cow, so I am assuming it's a calf, we shall name it Pat!

Oh dear, I am concerned this Maltese is not the brave beast we were led to believe. Someone mistakenly left a coaster on the end table. Bella just spotted it, and I had to show her it meant her no harm before she would stop growling, and ummm cowering. Good thing we have Boo, the old half blind, half deaf, not so smart, scaredy cat Jack russel cross. Ohoh, he gave up and went to bed!

So, I explored town, found a vet, a clock in a Fields store, slipped on the side waLk, sat down very hard on my pride! Youch!

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